In the event you establish a completely new site, it’s critical to get the best design for it. Within the Kensom Web Hosting Control Panel it can be done extremely fast. We have for you a wide range of more than 800 one of a kind website themes readily available for 100% free. They’re presented with all of our cloud hosting accounts and are also 100% customizable.

Almost all of the designs are created only for Kensom’s services and aren’t available anywhere else beyond the Control Panel. As a result the possibility to locate somebody else employing the same template as you are reduced.

800+ Free Web Templates

Entirely customizable. Auto Installation

To save you time in choosing an appropriate appearance for your website, we’ve made a selection of more than 800 free web templates within the Kensom Control Panel. The styles are created to address distinct subjects and requirements – you will find designs for personal web sites just like blogs or portfolios and business websites or online stores.

Every one of our free web templates can be found along with both our Web Application Installer and also Kensom’s Quick Site Installer. It means that it is easy to add the template you wish on a fresh web site within seconds.

Free Website Themes

Free Web application Web Templates

Grab free web templates for your next application

We have produced a handful of tools (the Quick Site Installer, the Web Application Installer as well as the Complimentary Website Creator), available for no charge in the Kensom Control Panel, that will help you install a different app like Joomla or Wordpress in seconds. During the installation, you are able to opt for a unique template which will be placed on your new site from the outset.

We have free web templates for the following web apps: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

Free Site Builder Web Templates

100+ fully simple to customize free web templates

Using the Complimentary Website Creator, it is possible to build your upcoming web site without spending a dime, and not have to devote anything on web design. You will have at hand over 100 unique web site templates, offered in diverse layouts and palettes and which you can edit and customize as you would like.

You don’t need to be familiar with anything at all concerning HTML or CSS in order to modify the overall look of the templates. Your able to use the included editor to carry out all the work. If you’ve ever used a text–editing program, you will have no worries using the manager.

Free Site Builder Themes